Pat & Tom Love Crazy Town Names, And They Found Another One

Toad Suck. Blue Ball. Flippin. Johnson’s Bottom. Believe it or not, these are all actual towns that have come to the attention of Pat and Tom over the years.

As any longtime listener will attest, the boys love themselves a good, goofy place name. Humptulips, Washington. Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo-Jump Provincial Park, Canada. And, after a lengthy dry spell, they found out about another one.

Julie Ryan actually was the one who found it, and we’re not sure we want to know what she was actually Googling for when she stumbled across the name. For accuracy’s sake, no, the town itself no longer exists. But namesake Raceway still exists and so Pat and Tom had to call. Click here to listen, and to find out the name of this wonderful little track…

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