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Bluegrass “Fits Dead Center” For Zac Brown

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(Photo courtesy of: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images)

(Photo courtesy of: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images)

When Zac Brown and his band take a stage, they are playing their brand of music, whether you choose to call it country, bluegrass, or by any other name. And with their latest single “No Hurry” currently at Number Three on the Billboard country charts, Zac’s brand of music is being played with a vengeance.

In a recent interview with the Dr. Don Morning Show on CBS Detroit station WYCD, Brown explains the lines between ‘country’ and ‘bluegrass’ tend to blur a bit in his eyes.

“Bluegrass fits dead center for me when I think about it, you know. It’s not as common a thing on the radio these days, but I think some of that is actually more country than stuff that’s out on the radio.”

“I guess country is just a… kind of a state of mind as far as how you think about it and it being wrapped around a great song. For me it’s like, great song, people that are playing their instruments, and if you can buck dance to it, it ought to be…it’s kinda country to me.”

Buck dancing, for those who don’t know, is a fast-paced style that’s similar to tap and clog dancing, but with extra kicks, stomps, and taps to generate more sounds per beat.

The Zac Brown’s new album, Uncaged, is due out July 10.

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