Brad Paisley Has Some Barnyard Fun With New Album

We know he’s big, but Brad Paisley doesn’t want that big-city feeling anymore. On his next album, he’s going back to country–barnyard style!

Instead of recording music in a fancy studio, Brad and the crew headed into the barn on his property for some old-school “guerrilla” recording, defined by Brad as spending “all day and all night and do whatever it takes to get it right.”

“So it’s a big experiment,” said Brad to The Tennessean. “My rule for this record is to leave our comfort zone as musicians and songwriters and production-wise, themes and everything, and think outside the box.”

Thinking outside the box meant barnyard recordings with no high-tech equipment. So what made him take this approach?

“My opinion, lately, has been that making it better [with technology] is sometimes making it worse, because the first guy decided they could use Pro Tools and take a bass guitar and a kick drum and make that an immoveable sort of symphonic unit. Everybody else caught on really quick, and now that’s on every record,” said Brad.

“Now, I turn on the radio and hear a lot of things that sound like what I’ve done already. Where do you go from here?”

The barn! The idea was to keep his originality, to do something different, but he encountered some stress along the way too.

“It’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt,” said Brad. “I had a very dark couple of weeks in the middle of this where I felt like, ‘What are we doing here? We’ve lost our minds. We should scrap this and start over with a bunch of pros on Music Row and do everything we’ve normally done.’ But that is not right for me right now.”

This unique album won’t be available until April 9, but the first single, “Southern Comfort Zone” premiered this week. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to it here:

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local


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