Carrie Underwood: Former College Football Player And Anchorwoman?

Carrie Underwood has video of herself she doesn’t ever want her fans to see?

Yes. But don’t worry, it isn’t anything scandalous. Prior to her concert Saturday at Sacramento’s Power Balance Pavilion, Carrie told KNCI’s Pat and Tom that she has video of herself anchoring the news for her college television station. But: “I’m the only one who has it and it will never surface, ever!” Carrie was a journalism major at Northeastern State University in her home state of Oklahoma. “I took every class Mass Comm class they had to offer; I was on the school newspaper, I took PR and marketing classes…I was willing to do whatever I could to get my foot in the door.” She was even on the campus radio station, but says that was never an occupation she seriously considered. “You have to get up too early! No way!” She laughed.

Another occupation she never seriously considered: NFL quarterback, but hey, it wasn’t for lack of talent. Carrie was the quarterback of her college “Greek Week” girl’s football team and told Pat and Tom with some confidence, “…I had a decent arm.” When asked how far she could throw it, Carrie replied, “as far as I needed to!” Precision, sometimes, is more important that power.

Turning the conversation towards her actual career, Carrie was asked about her iPod. She said it is “full of just randomness,” something she blames on her mom and dad. “My mom was into the Supremes, the Four Seasons…my dad loved CCR and the Rolling Stones. My sisters were into 80s rock and my husband works out to rap music. I hit shuffle and people are like, ‘what is this?'” Does she have any of her own music on there? Yes, but only for her job, like assembling an album. “They’re on there…like when I’m going through trying to figure out sequential order kinds of stuff, they’ll come up.”

Does she ever hear one of her songs a year or two after recording it and wishes she’d done it differently? No, but “…I wish I could go on tour with songs for a year before I record them.” Why? “You record them when the song is new, and you have just a short amount of time to figure out what you’re going to do with it. And when we play them for a year out on the road, and then you hear a song on the radio, it sounds different than what you’ve been playing and what I’ve been singing and what we’ve become comfortable with.”

Carrie is on tour now, getting very comfortable with her songs–and sold-out arenas–around the country.

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