Justin Moore Talks Local Hunting And Explains Why He Doesn’t Want His Kids To Have A Singer Career

Justin Moore is thought of as a bit of a hell-raiser and if you look at his catalogue of songs, it’d be tough to disagree. But the Arkansas native is really a family-oriented homebody at heart.

In this chat with Pat and Tom, Justin talks about his ‘spirited’ three year old daughter, Ella. In one breath he’s describing how much work the rambunctious youngster is, but in the next, he talks sweetly about how much he misses her, his wife Kate, and their one year old girl Kennedy. Justin says that although Ella is already demonstrating an ability to sing at perfect pitch, he hopes she doesn’t follow his career path. “I know how much you have to be away from home, I can’t stand not seein’ ’em for a couple days so I don’t want to see ’em movin’ anywhere.”

Click to listen to Justin talk more about his family, as well as a recent, very successful bird hunting trip he took here in the Sacramento Valley with some friends who live near Nicholas. Plus, he shares a funny story about a young couple confusing him over a song of his that they said saved their marriage.

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