Keith Urban Makes ‘American Idol’ Winner Prediction

Not too many females have won on American Idol since Carrie Underwood did oh so many years ago. Country star Keith Urban and American Idol judge says this season will be different according to the Hollywood Reporter. A girl will rise to the top of the pile and win American Idol this season. For the very first time, the Season 12 hopefuls faced not only the judges during the semifinals but a crowd of 1,700 people as they stepped on stage to sing for a coveted spot in the top 20. Following the first live Las Vegas round on Tuesday, Urban believes the five season streak of all-male winners will come to an end this year.

He explains, “All I can say, from at least from what we just saw last night, it’s absolutely a girl’s year to win. It’s not to say the guys aren’t strong, ’cause they really are. It’s really more testament to how strong the girls are this year. I want to see the emergence of great artistry…but definitely the girls are strong. I don’t know why that it is.”

But this “Stupid Boy” singer isn’t ready to name a frontrunner yet with so many exceptional singers on the show, and one performance — good or bad — can change the entire competition.

Urban goes onto say, “It’s too soon to tell. Only because it’s extraordinary what can happen from week to week. I’ve watched people emerge unexpectedly. There was some people singing last night…(and I was like), ‘Gosh, where did that come from?’ It can go the other way too, when someone has a lot of expectation from us and then they sing, and we’re like, ‘(We) didn’t quite get there tonight!’ I think it’s far too soon to get any front-runner ideas. I will say the audience reaction last night to Angela Miller and a couple other girls was pretty obvious.”


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