Garth Brooks Talks World Tour With Pat And Tom

It came as a shock on Dec. 9 when Garth Brooks announced a 2014 World Tour. Since then, we’ve been wondering: Is Garth Brooks coming to Sacramento on tour?

Well, Pat and Tom had a chance to ask that very question in a recent phone interview with the superstar. The question surprised Garth.

“Are you kidding me? I’m trying not to just play at all the fantastic places first, but I gotta tell you, you will see us on the world tour,” said Garth. “I just hope some people show up because we’re going to have some fun.”

And if you think Garth calls every city a “fantastic” place, think again—he had no problem recalling the name of our arena, which tells us he has some fond memories of Sacramento.

“There’s top five places in the world to go, and I’m going tell you right now, Acro Arena in Sacramento is one of those five,” said Garth.

After Pat and Tom informed Garth the name had changed to Sleep Train Arena, Garth tossed in his own suggestion for the next name change.

“I hope they call it Garth’s Place by the time I’m there.”

Garth’s Place sounds great to us. We don’t know yet when Garth will be here in Sacramento, but at least we now know he’s for sure coming!

Garth is also entertaining the possibility of introducing new music into his show, but he was clear it’s going to be his classic style we all love and he isn’t going to try to chase the new generation of country music.

“If we do new music, it’s just gonna be Garth stuff. I’m just gonna be who I am.”

Staying true to himself, Garth also doesn’t have any plans to go on some crazy diet or do excessive weight training in preparation of his world tour.

“There are some things you can change, and some things you work at, but I’m pretty much going to be who you see.”

And we definitely can’t wait to see him! To hear the entire interview with Garth, including a nickname Pat and Tom gave Garth that made him laugh hysterically, and a joke Garth made about “flying wires,” listen here:

-Tom Mailey, Pat Still, Ashley Quadros, KNCI/Sacramento

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