Merry Christmas, Here’s Some Mustard: Outrageous White Elephant Gifts

The White Elephant gift exchange is a long-standing holiday tradition for many families and workplaces. You know how it works, everyone buys a gift (usually there’s a maximum amount that can be spent). Some of them are really cool and useful. Others, not so much. Then the party starts: numbers are drawn and gifts are opened, stolen, swapped or, sometimes, as in my case several Christmas’ ago, you’re stuck with a battery-operated leg-humping Chihuahua.

We asked on Facebook for the best/worst White Elephant gifts YOU ever received and we had some great responses, like Shannon, who was one of the first to weigh in, with, as she put it, “non-traditional porn and edible paints…seriously…”. Yes, we did ask her to DM us what she meant by “non-traditional”. No, you don’t want to know.

Julie was flush with excitement for getting a toilet bowl light called a “Glow Bowl”.

KayLynn thought a box of See’s Candy was sweet…til she opened to find a bite had been taken out of every single piece.

Chris had her annual condiment needs taken care of with a gallon of Costco mustard.

Gregory’s family has a five year tradition now of exchanging the same Shake Weight, over and over.

Speaking of tradition, Michelle’s family has a “long-standing tradition” of exchanging a traveling porta-potty. Wouldn’t that also be a long-sitting tradition too?

Randi texted that she got this

chicken Merry Christmas, Heres Some Mustard: Outrageous White Elephant Gifts

There were also plenty of gifts where the giver really didn’t make much of an effort: empty, greasy popcorn tins with complete with spent kernels…an empty tissue box…a sock.

Coffee factored in too, with Kurt getting, then losing, then getting back a Starbucks gift card and Kerry, who also got a Starbucks card…with only $3.25 on it.

Alcohol, also popular…except the bottle of mint wine an office has been trying to pass off for the last 25 + years.

And then there’s the stuff that’s just plain weird: a male flasher action figure…a coffee cup shaped like a urinal…an anvil. With feathers glued to it.

Wanna be the boss of YOUR White Elephant party this year? Then see the full thread. Just Click here.  And Merry Christmas….enjoy your hemorrhoid pillow!

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