This Hairstylist Charges More For Crying Children [PICS]

If you’re a parent, you probably know that taking a child to get their hair cut can end up being a big, teary mess…and that’s why so many parents are mad about this story.

According to, a bunch of parents are outraged after a mother posted a photo of this hair salon’s sign to her community parent group, which reads: “Any children that cry during a children’s haircut will result in a $10 increase in price.” 


Obviously, many parents are livid…while some hairstylists understand the reasoning for it. Read some of their comments below!

and in the comments of the story, users have said:

“Kids are awful, the salon owner properly wanted to not have to deal with them. Fair Play. Parents need to learn how to parent properly or stay at home until they can.”

What do YOU think? Would you be mad if you saw this sign at your child’s hairstylist?



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