Wendy’s Drives Twitter Troll To Deactivate Account After ‘Fresh Beef’ Dispute

This is too funny! According to BuzzFeed, a Twitter troll tried to take on Wendy’s early yesterday morning by questioning the fast food chain’s “fresh, never frozen” beef by calling it a joke…but Wendy’s social media manager wasn’t having it.

After Twitter user @NHride tweeted Wendy’s that their slogan was a joke, Wendy’s tweeted back with “Sorry to hear that! But you’re wrong. We’ve only ever used fresh beef since we were founded in 1969.”

@NHride responded: ” @Wendys So you deliver it raw on a hot truck?”

@Wendys: “@NHride Where do you store cold things that aren’t frozen?”

and….@NHride changed the subject with: “@Wendys ya’ll should give up. @MCDONALDS got you guys beat with their dope ass breakfast.”

Then, BANG! @Wendy’s won with: “@NHride You don’t have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there.”


Apparently, @NHride deactivated their arround after the dispute! 😂

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Wendy’s!! LOL


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