‘Nashville’ Questions We Need Answered This Year

The CMT show Nashville is finally back and we’re excited! The wait was too long.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been so anxious for the new season to start because you need answers. Or, it’s been so long since last season ended that you don’t even remember what happened! CMT made a list to refresh your memory. (If you aren’t caught up watching the seasons, beware for spoiler alerts!)

1. Will Juliette ever fully recover from her accident?

If you don’t remember, Juliette was in a plane crash last season that left her in a wheel chair. We’re glad she survived, but we want to know if she’ll ever walk again!

2. Will Charlotte and Gunnar’s relationship work out?

They finally got back together after a long break up. But will it work out this time?

3. Will Highway 65 be okay?

The last season ended with Rayna’s business, Highway 65, on the downward spiral. We hope it all works out for her!

For the full list of questions check it out HERE! 


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