Dennis Quaid Responds To Animal Abuse In “A Dog’s Purpose” [Video]

In the past week, the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” has been under fire for the mistreatment of animals on set. TMZ first released a video of a German shepherd on the movie set being forced in some treacherous water for a scene. The dog appeared to be terrified to get in the water. The trainer put the dog in the water anyway. Then, as the dog was swimming, he suddenly got stuck in the currents. The trainers were there to help the dog out of the water. As far as we know, the dog is alive and safe.

If you missed the footage is below.

In an article from BuzzFeed, Dennis Quaid, who stars in the film, responded on Jimmy Kimmel Live he was promoting the movie. “Somebody did shoot some video and then took that video and edited other pieces to it to make it look like a dog was abused on set” Quaid said. “Why did he do that?” Kimmel asked. Quaid answered “Well, he held onto it for 15 months until a week before the movie’s coming out and then make a storm about how the dog was abused. So if the dog was abused, why didn’t he raise something at the time?”

What do you think?


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