Honesty Pays: Girl Scout Poised To Break Sales Record

Charlotte McCourt, an 11 year old New Jersey girl scout, is probably the new all-time cookie sales record holder. And she got there by being honest.

Since cookie selling season started earlier this year, Charlotte has sold over 23,000 boxes. Her final total has yet to be confirmed (partly because she’s still selling) but it’s pretty certain she’ll be the new sales champ–not bad for a kid who’s initial goal was only 250 boxes.

Charlotte did get an initial boost from former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, who saw her reviews and read them on a video posted to his Facebook page (She also happens be the daughter of one of his television colleagues, so, that helped too).

Charlotte’s review system is a simple one-to-ten rating, with a synopsis of her personal thoughts about the cookie. For example, she gives the Thin Mints a nine, calling them a “delectable chocolate mint combination”. Samoa’s are the only other cookie she awards a nine to. Tagalongs earned an eight. Do-si-dos are a six. Coming in dead last with a 1? The Toffee-tastic, which she described as a “bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland”.

See Mike Rowe’s hilarious initial video, below… and go to Charlotte’s page to buy you some cookies, here.  


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