Randy Travis Opens Up About Post-Stroke Recovery

After having a stroke in 2013 that doctors said he wouldn’t survive, Randy Travis is still slowly working on his recovery.

Travis and his wife Mary recently had an interview in which the singer was asked if he was happy. He responded,

“Well… no, damaged,” according to the Boot.

Although Travis hasn’t fully regained his strength, the singer has managed to sing a little bit again. He’s even able to form a few cords on the guitar with his left hand.

His wife said,

“There is a perfectionist in him that knows he’s not singing exactly like he used to that keeps him from enjoying it like I wish he would. I know the world when they hear him, they can tell it’s Randy Travis, and the more he does it, the better it’s going to get.”

Travis and his wife are trying to remain hopeful in these hard times. He has already shown so much progress that they didn’t even think was possible.

Mary explained that the goal is

“To remain hopeful and keep our heads up high and not throw in the towel and be happy with wherever God has us.”

To which she adds,

“If it’s back up on that stage singing, hallelujah.”




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