This Dog Is Obsessed With Hugging Everyone [Video]

Here is something you don’t see everday, or even ever! In an article from The Huffington Post, New Yorker Cesar Fernandez-Chavez takes his 5-year-old golden retriever, Louboutina (Loubie for short), for walks. However, Loubie won’t move anywhere until Fernandez-Chavez gives her a hug. “She’s very stubborn,” Fernandez-Chavez told the Huffington Post. “She pretty much forces me to do it, she’s like, ‘I’m not going anywhere if we don’t do some PDA here, right now.’” Eventually, Loubie wants love from everyone who walks by her.

Check out the picture below! How cute!

Rise Up and Shine like a 💎!!! 💗💪🏼💗

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