Mechanic Gives Car To Stuck Stranger Late To Funeral

Funerals are already incredibly emotional experiences, but this Iowa resident had an unusually hard journey to one.

According to CBS News, Todd Steinkamp was already in an emotional state before his car began breaking down while he made a 400 mile trip to a funeral. With another 70 miles left, he almost gave up hope on making it all the way.

However, in a surprsing turn of events, Steinkamp met 74-year-old Glenn Geib, a mechanic in the small Wisconsin town of Wild Rose. While Geib knew he could fix the car, he also knew it would take him a few hours because a part needed to be ordered. Also, the only business in town with a car rental service had only one vehicle that unfortunately was already in use.

With no other options, Steinkamp was about to give up when Geib surprised him with something: his own car keys.

With a smile, Geib told Steinkamp:

“Take my truck. Fill it up with gas, don’t turn on the emergency lights and get going. She’ll do 120 miles per hour if you need it to.”

Despite not knowing each other’s names and having only met 10 minutes prior, Geib wouldn’t take no for an answer. With a new mixture of emotion in his heart, Steinkamp took off and was actually able to make it on-time.

Steinkamp was able to return the car seven hours later, and he will likely never forget the kindness Glenn Geib offered him.


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