Embarrassing Moments In 5 Words Or Less

In light of Sunday night’s flub of the Best Picture award at the Oscars, we asked our New Country family for their most embarrassing moments. Out of nearly 80 responses, here are some of our favorites, creatively managed in our requested format of 5 words or less!

Melissa: Haltertop ripped off by saddlehorn.

Debbie: Walked through office, underwear showing.

Claudia: Unexpected fart reverberates work hallway.

Patty: Party bus…mom pole danced.

Ronilyn: Fell off barstool…wasn’t drunk.

Jan: Oh, no! Wrong bathroom, oops!

Samantha: Drunk, front row, singer scolded me (OK, it’s 6 words but still funny. Plus,¬†it was a Crystal Bowersox show. Remember her?)

Diane: Dove in lake, lost top.

Mark: When are you due? (Not pregnant)

Diana: Infected hubby with pig mites (we asked…you’re better off not knowing)

Cindy: Broke my son’s beanbag chair

And our winner–which earned her Garth Brooks’ latest cd box set:

Melanie: Grabbed butt, not my husbands.

Congrats Melanie! And, we suppose, the dude she grabbed, too.



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