The Dog No One Wanted: How An Old, Cranky Pup Changed My Life [Photos]

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a huge advocate for adopting your pets from local animal shelters. In fact, later today I will be heading over to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter to showcase another adoptable pitty who would love to be your best friend.

I happened to stumble across this story today about more people adopting senior animals, and it made me cry for two reasons. First, I am so happy to hear that more people are willing to take a chance on older dogs. True, you  might not get to spend as long with them and they won’t be cute little fluff balls when you get them, but they also are generally more relaxed and so thankful and happy to be out of the shelter and a part of your life.

Don’t get me wrong, puppies are great. But, they are more work and people tend to gravitate (even line up at the shelter) to bring them home. Older dogs end up getting overlooked a lot of the time.

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The larger reason is because in 2014 my boyfriend and I adopted a 9-year-old pit bull who had been in the shelter for 6 months. In fact, when we asked to see him the staff was floored. He ignored us every time we visited, but I just knew.

Hanging outside with my main man, Tato. #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #sunnyday

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Seeing his transition over the 18 months we were lucky to call him ours was amazing—the first night he was with us he slept under our bed, the last night he was curled up next to me under the covers. I later found out that he was close to  being put down, so I really did save his life. But he saved mine more.

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Mudge ended up getting cancer and we had to put him down a year ago this month. But, he was incredible and I wouldn’t give back that year and a half for anything. He was the crankiest, funniest, most loving dog and best friend I could’ve asked for.

#coffee with Badger. #dog #pitbull

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That said, if you want a laid back best friend who is ready to be your world, check out the dogs who are 7+ years old. In fact, you might just find one at or at Front Street Animal Shelter.

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