Cam Says Music Can ‘Soothe Our Soul’

We hear music every day, even if it’s just the background noise at the grocery store. We don’t always put much thought into what we’re hearing. Country music singer, Cam, believes that music is so much more than just background noise.

Cam recently spoke with  CMT:

“Music is the original human tool to help soothe our soul. And something that universal must help humans survive.”

The singer put her psychology background to use during her speech at the University of Nevada, where she spoke about the importance of music.

“Music has developed separate from language. Music unifies us. Music soothes that uncomfortable feeling so we can adjust and evolve.”

Cam uses music as a form of therapy when she writes her songs. During her speech, she talked about her new song “Burning House,” which she wrote about a loved one that she treated poorly in the past. She used the song as a way to acknowledge her mistakes and accept that she can still be a good person.

Music helps Cam heal as an artist and she believes it can help us, as listeners. As Cam simply puts:

“Let music do it’s job.”


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