Top 4 Things To Avoid In Order To Stop Premature Wrinkles

Nobody likes wrinkles, especially when they start appearing prematurely. However, Elite Daily has compiled a list of things you might want to steer clear of if you want to avoid wrinkles!

  1. Sleeping on your side: The UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service conducted a survey back in 2015 that found that most people sleep on their sides at night. However, as comfortable as this position can be, it may not be so great for your skin. According to skin repair expert Lorena Öberg, lying on your side when you sleep causes your skin to make small folds on your body. These folds can then lead to premature wrinkles
  2. Drinking through straws: You may enjoy sipping on your favorite beverage through a straw, but it’s affecting your skin more than you might think. Simply using a straw can cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth.
  3. Using your cellphone: If you use your cellphone a lot, it may be damaging your skin. Even ignoring the large amount of bacteria and germs on your phone that can cause damage on their own, the mere act of looking down at your device is causing wrinkles. As explained by skincare expert Elizabeth Rimmer, “the pull of gravity from downwards faces also means sagging in the lower face and neck may start to occur earlier in life.”
  4. Using hot water: Pretty much any type of hot temperature is bad for your skin, but hot water is most common due to many people taking hot showers or baths. The heat causes your skin to dry out and crack, which makes it more likely to wrinkle.

Are you going to avoid any of these wrinkle-causers? Let us know in the comments!


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