Bad News: Spiders Could Theoretically Eat The Entire Human Population In A Year

A lot of people aren’t huge fans of spiders. Whether it’s their abundance of scuttling legs, their many unblinking eyes, or just their sticky webs, spiders often get people screaming in fear.

According to Ranker, scientists have recently realized that with the huge number of spiders in the world, they could theoretically devour the entire human population in the course of one year.

How so? First off, spiders are literally everywhere. As Ranker explained:

“All of the spiders in the world weigh 29 million tons, and scientists estimate that there are billions of these little guys just scurrying around”

Secondly, spiders eat roughly 800 million tons of food a year. With the entire human race only taking up 287 million tons of biomass, they could actually finish us off before the year was even over.

The good news? Spiders mainly eat insects and it’s extremely unlikely that they would try to eat us.

Regardless, have fun sleeping tonight with all that in mind…


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