She Was Kicked Out Of The Pool—”Your Bathing Suit Might Excite Boys”


Tori Jenkins was asked by her apartment complex to either leave the pool (which she and her fiance pay an additional $300 to have access to) or change her bathing suit because boys might be excited by it.



This topic comes up way too often, and 99% of the time I find myself thinking that it’s not my responsibility, or any woman’s responsibility for that matter, to dress not to incite feelings from others. If a someone cannot control themselves, that is NOT on me. That is on them and that is the root problem that should be addressed. It is NOT an excuse.

If she was naked at a public pool, sure. Would I wear her bathing suit, no. But I also wouldn’t wear a lot of things that other people would. And twice in high school I was approached for wearing clothing deemed “too short.”

Clothing that I had my mom okay before I left. Clothing that was past my fingertips, per the school rule. My mom went all badass too and took me out of school for the day and refused to let them punish me. Thanks mom!

From the photos, crucial parts of her body are covered and even if this was a thong bathing suit, I am pretty sure that’s the style now and you can buy one at Target. So what if her body isn’t “perfect.” It looks a lot like mine and bless her for rocking it.

I tend to think that making a big deal about stuff like this makes more people uncomfortable than the bathing suit itself. Maybe worry about yourself and focus less on other people’s bodies?

I’ve read a crap ton of comments about this story and have seen people saying it isn’t true or it’s a non-story.  Maybe it is fabricated, maybe not. The bottom line is that this happens to women all. the. time.


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