Mean Streets: The Coolest Neighborhood Street Names Ever? YUP.

So my wife works for a school district and part of her job is to deal with developers regarding taxes and so forth. Recently she had a developer in and he was telling her about a project they were working on down near Stockton. But she didn’t believe what he was saying. So he got on the computer and pulled up the plans and blew her away…because all the streets are named after iconic rock artists and bands. Hendrix, Jagger, Zepplin, Ozzy, Elvis. Hey, Van Halen has an album called Mean Streets, and now they have one actually named after them. ┬áHere’s the map.

rockstreet Mean Streets: The Coolest Neighborhood Street Names Ever? YUP.

Come to find out, naming streets after things other than flowers or numbers is sort of a thing. On our Facebook page, Leo Orozco told us there is a development in Galt where all the streets are baseball legends–Mantle, Bonds, Killebrew, Robinson… also on Facebook we heard about a neighborhood in Lodi where the streets are all named after famous NBA players like Magic, Bird and Jordan. And in Yuba City there are streets named after NASCAR drivers. Hopefully though there isn’t a Dick Trickle street.

What about you? What would be your theme to base neighborhood street themes on? Pat’s idea? Characters from Caddyshack: Spackler way, Noonan Lane, Gopher Court. Mine? Warner Brothers characters? I’d pay premium to live on Daffy Duck Drive. And Cody, well, she opted for ex-boyfriends, which as it turns out will have to be a whole planned community.


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