Dude Orders Whole Menu At Taco Bell

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you ordered the whole menu at Taco Bell (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t), wonder no more.

Our FB friend Nathan Pippin posted this pic of a receipt left in his car by one of his fares earlier this week.

receipt Dude Orders Whole Menu At Taco Bell

He told us the passenger, who was in his mid-30s, started to order normally during the late-night visit to a Napa Taco Bell drive-through, but then changed his mind and asked for the whole menu. The incredulous employee had to confirm the order but once they did, they asked Nathan to pull forward and park. 25 minutes later they delivered four full bags to the car (“It must’ve been ten pounds of food” Nathan told us) along with this foot-long receipt. Nathan had picked the man and his buddy up at a bar at closing time so only asked one thing of the guy: he could make as much of a mess as he wanted with the food, but please don’t puke.

Once Nathan arrived at the passenger’s home near Lake Berryessa, the guy had had his fill and told Nathan to keep what was left–which was still a lot of food! So much that Nathan felt bad letting it go to waste. So the next day he found a needy family in the Rio Vista area (where he lives) and donated the rest of the food to them.

Nathan says he didn’t find out much about the guy but figures he either had money or came from money because not only did he order the whole menu at TB, he also gassed up Nathan’s car AND left him an $80 tip.

And, Nathan noted happily, he didn’t barf in the backseat, either.


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