It’s Back—Bring Your Own Cup Day Is Happening Again At 7 Eleven!


No matter how big your “cup” is, you can fill it up with the slurpee combination of your dreams at 7 Eleven for just $1.50 on their upcoming Bring Your Own Cup Day (BYOC).



So, grab a cup, bowl, bucket or whatever your heart desires and head to the nearest 7 Eleven on August 18 and 19 to celebrate Bring Your Own Cup Day in style.

There are just a couple of rules though:

  1.  Your container has to be watertight.
  2. It must also be food safe and clean.
  3. Lastly, the container has to fit upright under the Slurpee dispenser’s 10-inch hole, which means you are aiming for wider rather than taller.

Check out some creative ideas of past BYOC days to get some inspiration.



Decided to make today another #byocupday (jk, im acting like a little kid again with my cousins)

A post shared by Ian Zarate (@izarate24) on


Cause why not drink a slurpee from a watermelon #byocupday2016

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Getting high on bring your own cup day? ✔✅ PC: @diedforfame #byocupday

A post shared by V I S I O N A R Y (@_chancethefapper_) on



7/11 got us like #byocupday

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