Family Discovers 6 Foot Rattlesnake Living Under Their Deck [Photo]


Okay, to be fair this giant nope rope was only 5’8, but I decided to round up for dramatic effect. However, I think we can all agree that once a rattlesnake is over five feet a couple of extra inches doesn’t REALLY matter.

Gulf Coast Wildlife Removal, LLC. was called out to a home in New Orleans earlier this week to remove the rattlesnake, which they said was the largest venomous snake they have ever come across.



The family living in the house has two children who commonly play in their backyard, so getting rid of the rattlesnake was essential. The owner of the removal company told WDSU that the snake was older because it had 13 rattles, and that they refer to snakes over five feet as monsters.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view of rattlesnakes) this “monster” had to euthanized due to the “danger to the community.”

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