California Distillery Is Making A Vodka With…Trash!

Yes, TRASH. More specifically, food waste. Misadventure & Co., a distillery located in San Diego, is making what they consider a sustainable liquor by using charcoal filtration with waste from a local food bank as the starch, Grub Street reports.

“We get Twinkies, Ho Hos, French baguettes, crullers, you name it,” co-owner Whit Rigali said. “The whole bakery aisle goes into our vodka.”

Since vodka is simply sugar and starch, he said the process is easy. They mash down the donated products with “a giant, warm blender,” yeast is added, and then the fermented product is distilled down into alcohol.

Still. Would you try it knowing it contains expired food products? Not to mention, a bottle will cost you $22.

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