Tim McGraw Enter Fitness Field.

Get Ripped Like Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw has jumped into the fitness business with Snap Fitness. He will pioneer his Tru Mav signature clubs.

“About seven or eight years ago I really got back into [working out], and tried to get my health back together like I wanted it, when I really got serious about fitness, I thought it would be a cool world to be in. The biggest impact I could have was with people who already knew what they were doing. Snap shared the same passions that I had, and the space that they had and the way that they handled their space was something that was really appealing to me.

“I’m designing the Signature Club—it’s like a Snap Club, with different touches to it that I’ll be involved in. Roger Yuan, who’s been my trainer for probably five or six years now, will also be working with me to design some concepts and some different workouts that really can be beneficial to people in a functional way.” From Men’s Fitness.


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