Study Says Millennials Are Happier At Work Than Gen X-ers

I’m not entirely surprised by this. A new study says millennials are happier at work than gen x-ers, Inc reports. Happiness Works for Robert Half found 8% of 18-to-34 year olds consider themselves unhappy at work. Less than half the number from the 35 to 49 bracket and those over 55. 16% of gen x-ers say they’re unhappy at work, while 17% in the over-55 category did.

“Employees that are aged over 35 have valuable experience that the whole organization can learn and benefit from,” Phil Sheridan, senior managing director at Robert Half said. “It’s important that their happiness is not neglected, so businesses need to take the time to invest in their staff at all levels.”

Could it be the longer you’ve worked the more jaded you are? Younger people probably have a fresh (and naive?) perspective. They haven’t been underpaid for long, passed up on a few promotions, laid off yet, etc. Maybe technology has a thing or 2 to do with it too. What do you think?

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