Blind 8-Year-Old Becomes Gifted Country Musician [VIDEO]

There are few kids quite as amazing as Riley Spindler.

Though he’s been blind since birth, this 8-year-old has found his passion: country music.

Kare 11 has reported that Riley listens and studies his favorite country songs every morning, a routine he calls his “morning motivator.”

He then plays the piano, repeating every word, note, and chord he’s just heard using only his memory. Even more, Riley is gifted with the extremely rare musical talent known as perfect pitch, which allows him to correctly identify any note he hears.

And he doesn’t just repeat songs he hears, he’s also composing his own creations. As Riley describes it:

“You kind of put the notes together and then you make a song.”

To learn more and to see him perform, head right here.

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