Woman Ends Tinder Date Stuck In Window Trying To Grab Her Own…Feces!

Not the story you want to wake up to or see before eating, but how could you not click this? Yesterday, Liam Smyth from Bristol, UK started a GoFundMe to pay for the damage to his bathroom window. And it was all because of a crappy Tinder date, The New York Post reports.

He explained the two of them went to dinner before deciding to go back to his place for Netflix and Chill. His date went to the restroom and came back in a panic. She told him she went #2 in his bathroom, but the toilet wouldn’t flush. Embarrassed he’d see her feces, she grabbed it with paper and threw it out the window! Only to discover it fell between a large gap in the windowpanes thanks to the design. Ugh!

The window only opened from the top, so he offered to hold her up while she reached down to grab it. Long story short, they weren’t successful. He had no choice but to call firefighters, who had to break his window to retrieve her. The best part is the fire company Tweeted a photo of her stuck! My worst nightmare.

The good news for Liam is he surpassed his goal and plans to donate the extra money to firefighters. The good news for his date is he swears she’s a nice girl and may ask her on a 2nd date! I mean, they’ve broken all ice there is to break. I say go for it! Though, I don’t think I’d ever date again after something like this. I’d go MIA.

See their Tweet below!

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