Is Your Pup One Of The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In Sacramento?


One of mine is, the other is not. Although, technically pit bull isn’t really a breed, but Little IS most likely a staffy, so she is covered on both fronts.



Timmy the beagle, not so much.


Does the love of your life have to be a human? 🐶 ❤️

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The data to compile the list was pulled from pet registrations, which are kind of sad so, PSA time, register your pets.

86,000 dogs are registered in Sacramento which might seem like a lot, but considering only 13 percent of pets are registered in the city, there are WAY more living here.

Over 11,000 of the dogs are registered are chihuahuas, making the tiny breed the most popular in the Capitol City, according to Sac Bee.

Apparently there are 1200 beagles here…my dream is to get them all in one park and pet them all. But if they are like my beagle, they would all hate each other and it would be a hot mess.

Here is the list of the top 10:

1. Chihuahua

2. Labrador retriever

3. Pit bull

4. German shepherd

5. Terrier

6. Golden retriever

7. Shih Tzu

8. Dachshund

9. Miniature poodle

10. American Staffordshire


You can see the full list of breeds here at the bottom of the page.


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