Kip Moore Discusses Inspiration Behind ‘Slowheart’

In an interview with CMT, Kip Moore explained the reasoning behind his album title Slowheart.

It came from a conversation he had with his guitarist David Lapsley:

“He told me that I had a slow heart years ago. He said, ‘It takes you a while to show your cards — to show your heart. You evaluate yourself before you make decisions, and you keep your feelings close to you.’

He named me that, and then I named the band that. I just felt like the journey was such a slow, organic process to making this record that it just all made sense. It was all cohesive with the travels, with the pictures, with the making of the record. It was just time to call the record Slowheart.”

In accordance with that, he went on to explain how a song will begin to form in his head:

“Once I step away from situations, relationships or friendships, whatever they may be, that’s when I try to evaluate how I feel, and how I want to grow from it. A lot of that’s when the music starts pouring out. It’s after the aftermath.”


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