Michael Ray Opens Up About His Longtime Mental Health Struggles


Michael Ray got candid this morning in an interview, explaining that he has been dealing with bouts of anxiety for years. According to Rare Country, he said:

“In the last four or five months … I was going through a lot of stuff personally, a lot of stuff, changes professionally, and just a lot of things at one time.

My family is very close, but when you’re a guy, especially a guy from the south, I feel like you really don’t talk too much about things you just kinda hold it all in, you know?

And I thought that’s what you did. And so about six or seven months ago it really hit me hard and I was just, I couldn’t sleep, just my mind was racing all the time. I was really good at putting on the front, but then I’d wake up immediately and just feel, like, this pressure in my chest and constantly my mind just couldn’t shut off, and so I was like, ‘This isn’t how you live … I have to be going through something.’ ”

He said that he has been working with a counselor and Nashville and that, by being open about his journey, he might be able to help someone else.

Kudos to you Michael and thank you for helping to stigmatize mental health issues. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression since I was an angry, shy little kid. It’s hard and it was embarrassing when I was younger, but I have learned ways to handle and work through episodes. I know that I am not alone, and neither are you

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