Woman Drives 20 Miles With Live Coyote Stuck In Her Car Grille [PHOTO]


I’m 99% sure if I hit a coyote, I would have to pull over to compose myself because, to me, that is basically like hitting a dog. But, for better or worse, Georgia Knox does not feel the same.

The Calgary, Alberta resident wrote on Facebook that she was driving to work when he hit a coyote that ran in front of her car and “heard a crunch.” She continued her commute to work, thinking that she had killed the animal. But when she arrived, 20 miles later, she was surprised to find the following…



Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement came to the scene, assessed the coyote, and gave him the all clear before releasing him back into the wild.

“Clearly Mother Nature has other plans for this special little guy,” Knox wrote in her post.



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