Blake Shelton Takes Over “We Rate Dogs” Twitter To Name Your Dog


I don’t even care if this is sponsored, it is the best thing ever. If you follow We Rate Dogs, then you probably know about Brant, the guy who asked why all of the dogs were rated 10 or over.

A big ol’ thread followed with people mispronouncing Brant’s name, which eventually led to him conceding AND getting his own shirt out of the deal.



Well, I don’t know how long this is happening, but Blake tweeted at them and said he could name dogs better than the account. So they changed their name to We Name Dogs and let Blake take over.

It’s all because Blake’s new song is called “I’ll Name the Dogs” so it would make sense that he paid to take over the account, but still, even if he did, it’s brilliant and I love it.



So, hop on board and respond to the tweet above with a pic of your doggo and see if it gets a new Balke-inspired name.



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