Canadian Town Bans Kids Over 16 From Trick-Or-Treating


Some people just don’t want others to have fun I guess. Bathurst, New Brunswick has proposed a law that would ban anyone over 16 years old from trick-or-treating on Halloween.

The law would also put a curfew of 8 PM in place for all festivities, according to Delish. Additionally, there’s a $200 fine for those who break the age restrictions or curfew, including for those found wearing “facial coverup” such as skeleton face paint or a vampire veil.

The law is expected to pass next month, and the weirdest part is, the new law is actually less strict than the one currently in place. Under the current law, passing out candy stops at 7 PM and no one over 14 can trick-or-treat.

The ban aims to keep people safe and stop older kids from stealing candy from younger kids, but it kind of seems like they could do that without actually trick-or-treating…

Like most things, not everyone agrees with the curfew and age cutoff. In fact, the mayor has said that if someone comes after eight for candy, he’s still going to hand it out.

Another woman posed a question to TODAY that I had, too:

“Some kids are tall,” she said. “My cousin’s son is 5-4 and 15 years old. What are we going to do, go up to him and ask him, ‘How old are you?’ and ‘Show me your ID? That doesn’t make sense.”

The last time I went trick-or-treating was sophomore year, which means I was 16. We did not steal candy and everyone around us was safe. I’m sure we were annoying, but it was probably better than us finding some party to be at.

What do you think?


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