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Frazer Harrison/Getty

‘San Andreas’ Has Its Faults

OK I haven’t seen it yet but, I have to say I do kinda want to see San Andreas, the new earthquake/disaster flick starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I usually don’t care much for these […]

New Country 105.1 KNCI–05/28/2015

Kids are having fun pranking with a new iPhone bug, but it has potentially more sinister implications

iPhone Bug is New Way to E-nnoy Friends, Parents

So, I’m sitting on the couch last night, scrolling through my iPhone when all of a sudden, just after receiving a text from my son, Sam, it powers down. What th–? I had just re-charged […]

New Country 105.1 KNCI–05/28/2015

Hanging out at Disneyland with KNCI listener Elizabeth Anderson

Disney Diamonds Dazzle

Where will you find over two tons of diamonds–besides Julie’s sock drawer? Right! Disneyland! Specifically, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It’s all part of their 60th anniversary celebration, which is going on now. David Fisher is the […]

New Country 105.1 KNCI–05/26/2015

Pat and Jules with some mouse they ran into. He seemed really friendly.

Disney’s 60th Isn’t Just Another Anniversary

Well, here we are, Pat, Julie and I, roped into another *incredibly* difficult pair of broadcasts from Disneyland. Sure wish there was something to talk about. I’m being totally facetious, of course. If there’s one […]

New Country 105.1 KNCI–05/21/2015

Dustin Lynch hanging with a fan at 2014 Golf and Guitars (Photo: KNCI/Sacramento)

Ten Ways To Guaran-TEE (get it?) A Good Time At Golf and Guitars

Planning on going to KNCI’s Golf and Guitars at Haggin Oaks tomorrow? That’s cool, us too! The show on Tuesday night is sold out, but it’s absolutely free to come spend time at the course […]

New Country 105.1 KNCI–05/14/2015