Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals

Are You Turning Into Your Mother?

Have you been told that you are turning into your parents? I tell my wife of ten years she is turning into her mother all the time.  The older Deana gets the more she acts […]


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Cupid Is On His Way!

Can you believe Valentines day is right around the corner. Most men i know including me drop the ball when it comes to finding that romantic way to show your better half just how much […]


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Come On, Get Happy!

Who remembers The Partridge Family? The family that traveled in a colorful school bus and performed together. I can still sing the hook to one of their big hits, “Come On, Get Happy.” It’s not so […]


This or That

My 8 year old Riley-Reh wants skates for her Birthday. She can’t decide if she wants roller or inline skates. Which do you prefer?


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What’s Your Sign, Baby?

I will admit I do read my daily horoscope and find it to be about 30% correct. The daily insight on how my day will unfold is rather amusing. The Chinese zodiac predictions for 2015 will […]

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This or That

Who Are You Picking?

So now that the big game is set, who is your champion the Seahawks or Patriots?


Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

It’s Been Axed!

Are you a fan of reality series? Do you like the competive or drama-filled ones? There is a drama series you will no longer be able to see. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian will not be giving you […]


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Being a dad of two girls I get my fair share of hugs and kisses. I also get “Daddy” shout outs throughout my day. “Daddy” this and “Daddy” that is a common theme around the […]

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This or That

This Or That?

When you open your closet and look for something to cover your head is it usaully a cowboy hat, hoodie or baseball cap?



Stop Your Bad Habits!

So we are weeks into  a new year and many of my friends have already fallen off their “good habit” resolutions. I’m holding strong so far. It’s not easy though. Late night snacks and to much […]