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My Girls Will Be Strong!

I like to think I encourage my girls to be strong, smart and the best they that they can be. I hope that I encourage and inspire them to be extraordinary human beings but also butt […]


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Don’t mess with the Oreo!

You really just shouldn’t mess with a good thing!!! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! If you don’t want what’s in it, don’t eat it!   Oreo’s have been my favorite cookie since I was […]


Taylor Swift in new york city

Taylor Swift Did What?

Taylor Swift, what a class act. Truly the way stardom should be lived.  I know some fans are annoyed by Taylor’s actions regarding her music direction. Setting that issue aside, she really does know how to […]


Children preparing popcorn

You Do What For Your Kids?

Take a look at this list! 15 gross things that parents have done for their kids! Let’s check them off! What have you done?!!! I have not pre-chewed my girls’ food for them. Who does […]


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What Type Are You?

I am a Type Z personality if I compare myself to this. I never make the bed unless I’ve just washed the sheets. I almost never have a plan A let a lone a B, […]


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Who Likes To Glitter?

Well at least they are non toxic? Think about what hot sauce feels like on the way out. Imagine the sharp edges of sparkly glitter? Would you buy this as a gift? No thanks! But, […]


Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals

Are You Turning Into Your Mother?

Have you been told that you are turning into your parents? I tell my wife of ten years she is turning into her mother all the time.  The older Deana gets the more she acts […]


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Cupid Is On His Way!

Can you believe Valentines day is right around the corner. Most men i know including me drop the ball when it comes to finding that romantic way to show your better half just how much […]


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Come On, Get Happy!

Who remembers The Partridge Family? The family that traveled in a colorful school bus and performed together. I can still sing the hook to one of their big hits, “Come On, Get Happy.” It’s not so […]


This or That

My 8 year old Riley-Reh wants skates for her Birthday. She can’t decide if she wants roller or inline skates. Which do you prefer?