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Being a dad of two girls I get my fair share of hugs and kisses. I also get “Daddy” shout outs throughout my day. “Daddy” this and “Daddy” that is a common theme around the […]

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This or That

This Or That?

When you open your closet and look for something to cover your head is it usaully a cowboy hat, hoodie or baseball cap?



Stop Your Bad Habits!

So we are weeks into  a new year and many of my friends have already fallen off their “good habit” resolutions. I’m holding strong so far. It’s not easy though. Late night snacks and to much […]


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What You Drink May Make You Smarter!

We all know what drinking water does to the body. Did you know drinking certain liquids can make you smarter? I came across this MSN article about how some drinks in moderation can make you feel […]

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Eric Church Is Headed To California!

Eric Church is headed our way. Eric will play Sleep Train Arena February 4th. Four days later Church heads south to Los Angeles for Grammy Night. It could be a big night for Church he […]


This or That

Who Wins?

Make your pick! The NFL is down to 4 teams,which one do you think wins it all?


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Ready For Some Football Tonight?

A huge college football game tonight. The Oregan Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes will determine the the first ever college football playoff. The game will be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Don’t miss the […]


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Country Music sales in 2014!

Did you go out and buy albums in 2014? I always enjoy checking out year-end album sales. The report was released yesterday and country music did pretty darn good. The best selling country artis in […]


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Stay Happy!

Do you look at life through rose-colored glasses? Is your glass half full or half empty? However you live, I think for most of us, we would prefer to be happy and healthy. Sometimes it’s […]

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This or That

This Or That!

My daughter asked me the othe day what i liked better watching movies or reading a good story. I had to think about for a good while. What is your choice. I picked movies.