The IRS Might Be More Forgiving Than You Think

The IRS typically isn’t known for being lenient or forgiving, but after hearing this story about some new parents in San Francisco who forgot about their taxes, you just might change your mind.


(Photo Courtesy of: Martina McBride)

Martina McBride Talks About Raising Her Daughters

[photogallerylink id=39552 align=right][mp3com-artist]Martina McBride[/mp3com-artist] says some things are the same for everyone, no matter what.  The singer admits there are certain aspects of her life that other women probably can’t relate to, but she believes all […]


Kobo's new application for Facebook's Ti

BEWARE Dad’s Reaction To Facebook!

If your child posted something disrespectful and hurtful on Facebook … would you do what this dad did?



A Florida Principal Let His Students Pelt Him With Marshmallows

In an effort to get his students to read more books, a Florida Elementary School Principal made a bet with his students. If the children met their goal of reading a certain number of books, […]


Julie Ryan

Julie’s Mom Shares A Christmas Secret With Pat & Tom

Julie’s mom unwraps a Christmas secret about her daughter… and a couple listeners share their own…



Pat & Tom Find The Most Elaborate Excuse To Miss Work

Have you ever made up an excuse so you didn’t have to go to work? I bet it wasn’t as elaborate or awful as this one, and I bet it didn’t make your mom as […]


Soldiers Saluting

Pat & Tom Get A Touching Call From The Mother Of A Soldier

What started off as a funny call about fax machines turned into one of the most moving moments of recent history on the Pat and Tom show, and a reminder of what Thanksgiving is really […]


Tom Talks With His Mom About His Upcoming Visit

Tom’s heading up to Washington to spend the weekend with his mom… She and Tom had a nice conversation about it this morning.


Kid Driving Car

A 5-Year-Old From Ohio Knows How Her Mom Will Feel About Her Taking The Car For A Spin

What does a 5 year old say after driving her mom’s car out of the driveway and getting it stuck in a neighbor’s yard? Listen to the 9-1-1 call…


Eric Church

Eric Church Celebrates The Arrival Of His First Child

[photogallerylink id=27227 align=right] It’s a new baby boy for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Eric Church[/lastfm] and wife Katherine! The proud parents welcome their first child, Boone McCoy Church. Boone was born on Monday, October 3rd at Centennial Women’s […]