Woman Drives 20 Miles With Live Coyote Stuck In Her Car Grille [PHOTO]"Clearly Mother Nature has other plans for this special little guy!"
Family Discovers 6 Foot Rattlesnake Living Under Their Deck [Photo]You have to see this giant nope rope to believe it really exists.
Teen Jumps Out Of Plane's Emergency Door At San Francisco Airport
Oakland Bound Flight Delayed After Passenger Strips While BoardingWhat happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, until you try to get naked on your flight home.
Reporter Keeps Her Cool On TV As Giant Spider Crawls Over Her [Video]You know when you feel something on your arm and freak out? She didn't even flinch.
Not Born With Dimples? Good News! You Can Now Buy Them [Photos]Dimpleplasty is apparently all the rage with millenials right now.
Deputies Wrangle Hundreds Of Sheep Blocking Roseville Streets [Video]This call was anything BAHHHHHHHt ordinary...
Guy Gets Stuck In ATM, Sends Notes For Help Through Receipt Slot [Photo]Even the police thought it was a prank when they were eventually called to the scene.
California Teen Wins Lottery Twice In One Week—Scores Over $500,000Within a week she won over half a million dollars.
The New Pringles Is Flavor Is By Far The Weirdest One Yet...[Photo]You could just have like 10 of the real thing for the price of a can of Pringles flavored like it.
"Ironman" Competitor Pukes On Reporter During Live Interview [Video]
Breakdancing Gorilla Has Better Dance Moves Than Most Humans [Video]He's a maniac, maniac on the floooooor.

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